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National Geographic – Explorer: Series 1 (2008 – 2016) 5of6 Fatal Insomnia

National Geographic Explorer 5of6 Fatal Insomnia
Explorer: Series 1
Cable television’s longest-running documentary series Explorer presents a mix of entertaining, illuminating, and surprising investigative stories from all over the world, along with in-depth interviews and provocative roundtable discussions. Explorer
takes viewers around the world, opening a window on hidden parts of the world, unlocking mysteries both ancient and modern, and investigating stories of science, nature, and culture.

National Geographic - Explorer: Series 1 (2008 - 2016) Part 1: Inside The Body Trade
Follow the global black market in body parts, from transplant surgeries in America to eager “donors” in India to China where executed prisoners’ bodies are coveted.
Lisa Ling watches on as a lab technician breaks down a human heart into valves for transplant.

National Geographic - Explorer: Series 1 (2008 - 2016) Part 2: Iraqs Guns for Hire
For up to $600 a day, private security contractors in Iraq’s war zone risk their lives to protect VIPs and transport critical supplies. See how these mercenaries survive in the “kill zone.”

National Geographic - Explorer: Series 1 (2008 - 2016) Part 3: The Man who Can Fly
Legendary rock climber and base jumper Dean Potter mounts an expedition to free climb the massive peaks of Canada’s Mt. Butte.

National Geographic - Explorer: Series 1 (2008 - 2016) Part 4: Science of Evil
Using cutting-edge functional magnetic resonance imaging techniques, scientists attempt to isolate the mechanics of moral judgment by mapping patterns in neurological processes. Could neuron activity in the brain really give rise to good or evil?

National Geographic - Explorer: Series 1 (2008 - 2016) Part 5: Fatal Insomnia
All of us have an occasional night when we can’t fall asleep, but for people with fatal familial insomnia, or FFI, it’s the beginning of the end. An extremely rare genetic disease passed down through generations, FFI’s primary symptom is sleeplessness – but with a fatal twist. Victims are dead within months. To understand FFI, Explorer delves into the science of sleep – the most elusive biological function we have – to find out why we need sleep and what happens to us when we don’t get it.

National Geographic - Explorer: Series 1 (2008 - 2016) Part 6: Call of the Wild
More than half the world lives in urban environments, but some people are reaching back to the land and carving out lives in the wilderness.

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