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National Geographic Explorer – Congo Bush Pilots (2008)

NG Explorer Congo Bush Pilots

The Democratic Republic of Congo is an African nation the size of Western Europe.
30 years of war, famine and governmental corruption have crippled a struggling infrastructure. 75% of the country is inaccessible by road, creating a situation of utter dependence on bush pilots– flyers with the courage and skill to land planes on some of the world’s most challenging terrain. This is their story.
Bush piloting in the Congo may be one of the world’s most hazardous professions. In order for the Congo to receive vital supplies, brave men and women known as bush pilots must risk life and limb to transport cargo to this remote region of the world. Landing strips are often little more than pitted dirt roads, local militia is known to fire on them and water buffalo may block the runway, so what drives them to do it? In this episode of Explorer, we’ll meet some bush pilots, hear their harrowing accounts and witness firsthand the challenges they face in the Congo.

Produced by Market Road Films for National Geographic Television

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