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National Geographic – Driving America (2015)

NG Driving America

They’ve helped pave our culture and life as we know it – this is the story of America’s love affair with cars. Driving America looks at how more than a century of American auto enthusiasm has shaped our landscape, our economy, and our culture
With surprising insights, Driving America reveals how the automobile has changed everything in America from where we live to the way we work, from the way we travel to the way we socialize. This special covers several aspects of American automotive life, from Eisenhower’s building of the massive interstate highway system to the invention of the motel.
This summer, millions of friends, families and thrill seekers will participate in a ritual that our ancestors have done for more than century: take a road trip. Trips like these wouldn’t be possible today without motels, highways and fast food restaurants, and those things wouldn’t be a part of the landscape if not for one driving force: the automobile.
National Geographic Channel invites viewers to buckle in for DRIVING AMERICA, a two-hour ride through the social, political and economic impact of the automobile on America.

Produced by Silent Crow Arts for National Geographic Channels

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