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National Geographic – Drain the Oceans: Season 2 (2019) Episode 09 Thai Cave Rescue

Drain the Oceans Series 2 09of12 Thai Cave Rescue
Drain the Oceans: Series 2
Pull the plug on the ocean to reveal hidden secrets using groundbreaking technology, breathtaking photography and insight from top archaeologists.

Part 1: Secrets of D Day
In the greatest amphibious invasion fleet ever assembled, 7,000 vessels and 250,000 men take the Nazis by surprise. By draining the ocean, we explain exactly how they did it.

Part 2: Secrets of New York City
In just 400 years New York has become a global powerhouse. By draining the ocean, revealing submerged shipwrecks and subterranean secrets, we explain how.

Part 3: Killer U Boats
Draining the oceans reveals the story of the U-Boats as they took on the Royal Navy, sinking 12 million tons of ships and nearly winning the war.

Part 4: Buried Secrets of the Gold Rush
Winners took all in the race to get rich in the California and Klondike gold rushes; unearthing the ships involved reveals the risks taken to go west.

Part 5: Secrets of the Civil War
Throughout the American Civil War, technological advances fuelled an arms race on Americas seas and rivers. Science and graphics drain the oceans to reveal the ships that shaped America.

Part 6: Lost Nukes of the Cold War
When the worlds two greatest superpowers vie for supremacy, they spur extraordinary advances in military technology.

Part 7: Secrets of the Spanish Armada
Spains attempted conquest of England fails when its armada is defeated. Draining the ocean reveals how the English stole technology to build an empire.

Part 8: Pacific War Megawrecks
An expedition searches for the iconic wrecks of the Battle of the Pacific, including the ship that delivered the Hiroshima bomb, the USS Indianapolis.

Part 9: Thai Cave Rescue
Drain the Oceans conducts the first accurate 3D survey of the Thai cave, revealing insight into the risky mission to save 12 boys from the flooded cave.

Part 10: Londons Secret History
London is one of the most powerful cities on Earth. Drain the Oceans reveals the story of the citys meteoric rise.

Part 11: Secrets of Loch Ness
Combining over 100 years of data with military-grade scanning equipment, Drain the Oceans pulls the plug on the worlds most famous lake to reveal the monster within.

Part 12: Hitlers Killer Warships
The story of Hitlers vision to conquer the world using his high-tech battleships, revealing the rise and fall of the Third Reichs deadly fleet.

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