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National Geographic – Borderforce USA: Series 2 (2020) Episode 4 Kidnapped by the Cartel

Borderforce USA Series 2 Part 4 Kidnapped by the Cartel
Borderforce USA: Series 2
Following the Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection agency as they operate on the 28 bridges connecting the United States of America and Mexico.

Part 1: Life on the Line
Officers put their lives on the line as they prepare to transfer two members of a cartel into the custody of the Mexican military.

Part 2: Hardcore Narcotics
Officers find a suspicious package inside a pickup truck, seize a large shipment of marijuana and employ barricades to prevent illegal entry.

Part 3: Human Smuggling Operation
A family forced from their home in Honduras pleads for asylum. Officers discover 3,000 pounds of marijuana. A human smuggling operation is revealed.

Part 4: Kidnapped by the Cartel
A 12-year-old boy turns up at one of the bridges on his own. He claims his mother has been kidnapped by the cartels.

Part 5: Storming the Bridge
Officers are forced to close the bridge when it’s stormed by dozens of asylum seekers. Meanwhile at the Columbia Solidarity, officers are suspicious about the contents of bags of sweets.

Part 6: 50,000 Dollars in Cash
Officers are on the lookout for day-trippers trying to smuggle prescription pills back into America. A suspected courier for a cartel is questioned on she tried to smuggle $50,000 in cash out of the country.

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