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National Geographic – Birth of Europe (2011) 1of3 Water

NG Birth of Europe 1of3 Water

Crushed, flooded and exploded into life – Europe is a battlefield of Nature. From earthquakes in Lorca, Spain that have destroyed the lives of thousands, to volcanic eruptions that have wiped out entire cities, Birth of Europe reveals the extraordinary and shocking story of how Europe was created by nature’s most titanic forces. Discover this epic geological story through three episodes, each focusing on a major force of nature that has shaped the continent we know today.

Part 1: Water
Discover how the colossal fury of water and ice have shaped and moulded Europe over thousands of years.

Part 2: Collision
Climb to the top of erupting volcanoes and relive the devastation caused by earthquakes to discover how they created the Europe we know today.

Part 3: Fire
Volcanoes may have shaped Europe, but they could also destroy it. Find out how ticking volcanic time-bombs threaten the continent’s existence.

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