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National Geographic – Big Bigger Biggest: Collection 1 (2009-2012) Part 1 Telescope

Big Bigger Biggest Collection 1 Part 1 Telescope

Big Bigger Biggest: Collection 1
Look at engineering leaps that have helped different types of structures go from big to bigger to biggest.

Part 1: Telescope
How can we now see deep into space and focus on things tens of millions of light years away? Discover the scientific leaps behind the creation of the biggest ever telescope

Part 2: Train
The French Train Grande Vitesse, known as the TGV regularly reaches speeds exceeding 300 kilometers per hour. In special tests the train has been pushed to 575 kilometers per hour making it the fastest on earth. This EPISODE explores how the TGV was made possible through a series of four historic engineering breakthroughs.

Part 3: Skyscraper Burj Dubai
Examining the tallest man-made structure on Earth – the Burj Dubai skyscraper in the Persian Gulf. Towering nearly half a mile into the sky, the Burj Dubai was designed by architect Adrian Smith and is due for completion in 2009. The total budget for the project is thought to be more than $4 billion.

Part 4: Dam
This episode reveals the technological leaps forward that have allowed the world’s largest hydroelectric dam – the Three Gorges Dam in China – to be built. The Dam harnesses the power of China’s great Yangtze River. It is over 2 kilometers long, towers over 60 storeys high and creates a reservoir 600 kilometers in length.

Part 5: International Space Station
The International Space Station orbits 200 miles above our heads, hurtling around the Earth at seventeen and a half thousand miles an hour. It is one of the greatest engineering feats of all time. Its crew performs vital experiments that will one day allow humans to live permanently in space.

Part 6: Airport
With Terminal 5, over 100 million people will travel through Heathrow Airport. T5 can handle 4,000 bags per hour and is equipped to detect explosive traces.

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