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National Geographic – Americas Wild States: Wild Hawaii – Wild Florida (2013) 4of4 Wild Florida Croc Coast

Americas Wild States 4of4 Wild Florida Croc Coast
Americas Wild States: Wild Hawaii – Wild Florida
Wild Hawaii National Geographic takes us on an untamed journey to Hawaii, a place that transformed from a volcanic wasteland into a paradise on Earth through an alchemy of fire, ice, and water. Beginning around thirty million years ago, the Hawaiian archipelago slowly emerged from the sea as a volcanic wasteland. How these islands on land and under the ocean became a paradise, and how its creatures have adapted to Hawaii s transformative powers, is a story that defies the odds and challenges our expectations.

Wild Florida The coral islands, lush mangroves, and sandy beaches of the Florida coastline may seem idyllic. But for its wild inhabitants coping with continued development and human encroachment plus a host of natural predators the edge of the sea is a paradise filled with peril. Beyond the Magic Kingdom there is a savage side to Florida, a spectacular natural environment teeming with wildlife. With stunning cinematography two stories take us deep into this hidden wilderness, revealing an array of fearsome predators, wily survivors, and dangerous invaders as they struggle to live and thrive in this remarkable, sometimes violent, Eden.

N.G. - Americas Wild States: Wild Hawaii - Wild Florida (2013) Part 1: Hawaii: Land of Fire
Explore the fiery heart of Hawaii — from volcanic eruptions spewing rivers of molten lava to spiders that smile, fish that climb and turtles that bury secrets in a landscape that defies expectations. Learn about the monster at Hawaii’s molten core, Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes on Earth. See how Hawaii’s creatures have evolved to be different from their cousins the world over. Finally, we show how 95 percent of the flora on these islands does not exist anywhere else in the world.

N.G. - Americas Wild States: Wild Hawaii - Wild Florida (2013) Part 2: Hawaii: Secrets of the Deep
Where the shores end, the real story begins. Head to the wet and wild Hawaii, with undersea rivers and creatures that only thrive and survive in this spot on Earth. See giant mantas fly through the sea, humpback whales fight to the death and tiger sharks amaze us with their savagery.

N.G. - Americas Wild States: Wild Hawaii - Wild Florida (2013) Part 3: Florida: Gator Country
Big alligators rule the inland waterways, where three young gator hatchlings struggle to survive their first year in the swamp. To earn the title of swamp king they must first elude an array of killers – venomous snakes, voracious predatory fish and even their own kind. On the bustling shores and among the strong currents of the Gulf Stream there is another savage paradise.

N.G. - Americas Wild States: Wild Hawaii - Wild Florida (2013) Part 4: Florida: Croc Coast
Here, young turtle hatchlings begin an epic and dangerous odyssey from deadly shores to the open Atlantic, manatee families swim the gauntlet of propellers and pleasure craft in seek of warm waters and feeding grounds and crocodiles patrol the coral shores of south Florida looking for an easy meal. Crocodiles travel the coastlines in search of a meal, but storms, predators and people intruding on their habitat makes it more difficult for them to eat.

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