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National Geographic – Americas Wild Frontier: Season 1 (2018) 2of5 Into the Appalachians

Americas Wild Frontier Series 1 2of5 Into the Appalachians
Americas Wild Frontier: Series 1
This five-hour expos� tells the story of America’s heartland, where wildlife roam across wild swaths of frontier land. It’s the woods that Davy Crockett once called home in The Great Valley of Appalachia, and where Wild Bill Hickok saw his last sunset in the Badlands of South Dakota. From bears, bison and burrowing owls, to weasels, wood ducks and wild horses, episodes reveal a cast of critters making themselves at home, whether it’s beneath ice sheets in the Land of Lakes, or sharing the abundant ecosystem among farmers and their tools.

Part 1: The Mighty Mississippi
At America’s center, the Mississippi, the Missouri and the Ohio combine their strength and transform into a behemoth that splits the nation.

Part 2: Into the Appalachians
The birthplace of America’s frontier characters and inspiration for stories about our nation’s storied past, the “Great Valley” remains a unique landscape.

Part 3: Secret Life of a Farm
Discover how people and animals in America’s heartland live alongside each other.

Part 4: Land of 10000 Lakes
The northern Land of 10,000 Lakes is a lush realm of forests and wet bogs but in winter it’s governed by snow and ice.

Part 5: Into the Badlands
East meets Wild West in The Badlands of South Dakota. Herds of bison roam the grasslands, as much at home as the mustangs on a nearby mountain plateau.

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