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Mysteries of Paris: Season 1 (2018) Episode 3 Nicolas Flamel and Alchemy

Mysteries Of Paris Series 1 3of6 Nicolas Flamel and Alchemy
Mysteries Of Paris: Series 1
So far, hundreds of experts have spent their entire life trying to decrypt the history of Paris. Lots of stories and rumors have remained unproved. Paris has been keeping its mysteries for centuries. Some arouse fascination and others spark fantasy. Facts, similarities and reliable witnesses, prove the occurrence of these events.
In the coming 6 episodes, scientific and historical investigations are going to unveil the darkest secrets of the City of Lights.
Here is the city of Paris like you have never seen it before.

Part 1: Allan Kardec and Spiritism
Can we communicate with spirits? A figure in the French capital of Paris maintained it was possible. His name was Allan Kardec, and what he achieved shook people’s beliefs to the core. This is one of the city’s most mysterious affairs. If we want to discover the truth, we must investigate.

Part 2: The Curse of the Phantom
This is the case of the rooms of the Palais Garnier, better known as the Paris Opera, which are said to be cursed. Numerous strange incidents have been recorded in them. To such an extent that many people claim they’re the work of a ghost, the most famous ghost on earth: the Phantom of the Opera.

Part 3: Nicolas Flamel and Alchemy
In the Middle Ages, the French capital of Paris had its fair share of centuries-old mysteries and secrets. Among them, was the era of the alchemists, who claimed they could turn base metals into gold? The best known of the alchemists was Nicolas Flamel. We will shed light on the arcana of alchemy.

Part 4: The Secrets of the Templars
The most mysterious chivalric order Paris has ever known. The Knights Templar. Theirs is a story of secrets and intrigue. Legends abound about these knights. If we want to discover the truth, we must investigate here, in Paris.

Part 5: The Affair of the Poisons
This is one of the darkest pages in the history of Paris. It mixes conspiracy and assassination attempt against the king, poisoning, black mass and child sacrifices. It’s called the poison case. How to distinguish the truth from the legend? To find out, it is here in Paris that we must investigate.

Part 6: Secrets Beyond the Grave
The French capital of Paris has far more dead than living. Deep in its bowels lie millions of corpses. From the catacombs to the city’s most famous cemeteries. What part have the dead played in the history of Paris? Have the lost souls revealed all of their secrets? To find out, we must investigate.

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