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Mighty Planes: Season 3 (2016) 6of6 Best of Mighty Planes

Mighty Planes Series 3 6of6 Best of Mighty Planes
Mighty Planes: Series 3
Enjoy a first-class seat aboard the world’s most magnificent flying machines. Explore amazing aircraft and meet the men and women around the world who build, maintain, and fly them. Follow the Stargazer as it launches weather satellites into space, the Boeing 747-F8 as it hauls race cars across continents, and the Twin Otter as it flies in and out of inhospitable Arctic regions.

Part 1: CP140 Aurora
It’s been called a Cold War legend, and it’s still one of Canada’s best kept secrets: the CP 140 Aurora. The Aurora must prove it still has the right stuff in an exercise to search for a mock submarine hiding in the Georgia Straight — but her flight crew finds some unexpected obstacles.

Part 2: T38 Talon
The T-38 Talon is a twin-engine, two-seat, supersonic marvel. If you can fly the T-38 with its unimaginable G-forces, you can fly just about anything. Go on a high-altitude mission in the greatest fighter jet trainer in the world and join three student NATO pilots who push the T-38 — and themselves — to the limit.

Part 3: CC 115 Buffalo
When lives are in peril on Canada’s West Coast, the search and rescue plane everyone counts on is the CC-115 Buffalo. Because the Buffalo responds to over 200 emergency calls every year, training the crew is vital. Follow the Buffalo crew on two training exercises: saving sailors in a sinking vessel at sea and searching for a missing aircraft.

Part 4: Super Guppy
The NASA Super Guppy has hauled vital aerospace hardware across the country in her 50+ years of service. Now, after major upgrades, she and her dedicated crew are back on the job for a challenging three-day, multimillion-dollar mission.

Part 5: Nolinor 737
Nolinor Aviation’s 737-200 C is a combination cargo and passenger aircraft, delivering essential food, equipment, and workers to Meadowbank, the coldest mine on Earth. Follow her on a typical job, where common temperatures of minus 50 degrees often wreak havoc on the aircraft and her missions.

Part 6: Best of Mighty Planes
Join us as we revisit aviation marvels like the A380, Blue Angels, and Orbis DC-10. From game changers to heavy lifters to frontier-busters, these are the planes that have transformed the way we fly, fight, conduct science, and save lives.

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