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Love Nature – Macro Worlds: Series 1 (2018) 1of3 Winter is Coming

Macro Worlds Series 1 1of3 Winter is Coming

Macro Worlds: Series 1
Boasting thousands of fascinating species, the insect kingdom of Europe is largely a mystery. Join researchers as they enter this giant jungle of tiny creatures waiting to be discovered. It’s a harsh but idyllic world of strange beauty and eccentric behavior, populated by tiny bloodsuckers and micro-cannibals in the form of iridescent jewel beetles, hundreds of types of bees, and a host of otherworldly insects. Despite their small size, these tiny inhabitants play a huge role in the larger ecosystem.

Part 1: Winter is Coming
Many insects won’t survive the winter. But thanks to these remarkable adaptations, their offspring will live on.

Part 2: The Meadow of Horror
Brace yourself for a gruesome trip into the world of predatory insects.

Part 3: Gods Darlings Beetles
With over 350,000 different varieties, these ancient insects make up nearly one-fourth of all known animal species.

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