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Love and Engineering (2014)

Love and Engineering

Our modern life is largely designed by engineers. They like to invent and structure things and they are more at ease with figures and natural science than in relations with opposite sex. Atanas, a Bulgarian computer engineer claims to have hacked love, but can he help lonely and shy engineers find real love and real happiness? As he is trying to develop a scientific formula for the finding of a perfect wife, he uses other engineers as his guinea pigs; lectures them his ideas and sends them out to test them in the real world. He guides with them with wireless during their set up meetings with potential candidates: beautiful young women. Are the rules of attraction, sex and love scientific and if they are, do we really want to know them?
Love & Engineering is a documentary about the incompatibility between women and engineers. In the film we follow Atanas, 34, a Bulgarian mathematician living in Finland, who is – on the basis of his own experiences – trying to structure a (pseudo)scientific formula of love and dating. Atanas keeps mentoring sessions for engineering students encouraging them to date women and giving them guidance how to behave with them. The students date – which we follow also – and return to Atanas who tells them what went wrong or why did they succeed and how they should act in future. And based on this experiment Atanas is trying to formulate his theory.

A Film by Tonislav Hristov ; Making Movies, Filmtank and Agitprop Production in association with Finnish Film Foundation, Nordisk Film- and TV Fond,ZDF/ARTE,YLE,VPRO,SVT and NRK

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