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Liquid Science: Season 1 (2017) 07of11 Material World

Liquid Science Series 1 07of11 Material World
Liquid Science: Series 1
In this series about the wonders of science, the Wu-Tang Clan’s Gary Grice , GZA aka ‘The Genius’ travels far and wide to meet innovators who are changing our world.

Part 1: Global Warming
In the season opener, the Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA explores the issue of global warming with scientists. He visits a hurricane simulator to see how powerful nature can be.

Part 2: Living Forever
GZA explores the possibility of humans achieving the ultimate form of immortality. He visits groups reaching for the goal in either physical or digital form.

Part 3: Virtual Reality
GZA spotlights virtual reality and learns it is more than just gaming and entertainment after exploring how virtual environments are being applied in surgery and in the media.

Part 4: Stronger Faster
GZA explores the power of machines to make humans invincible. He looks deeply into the potential for tech to transform our lives.

Part 5: Musics Future
GZA examines how technology is being used in the music industry to help improve it.

Part 6: Transportation
GZA looks at modern transportation to see how technology will shape our future choices. Covering everything from self-driving cars, to hoverboards, he explores the realm of what is possible in the future.

Part 7: Material World
GZA meets with a team of engineers who are creating stronger and more flexible materials. He explores how these materials will revolutionize future technology

Part 8: Ocean Blues
Man has always been fascinated by the sea. In this episode, GZA discovers what might be hidden under the surface of the ocean.

Part 9: Life Beyond Earth
GZA explores whether we will be forced to look for a planet beyond our own. He talks to the experts about the implications of leaving our planet for good.

Part 10: A Healthy Dose
Technology has played a huge role in the development of health and medicine. GZA gets involved with a real medical school case, in an attempt to learn suturing with the aid of robotics.

Part 11: Natures Way
In the season finale, GZA learns about the animal influence on technology. He discovers just how scientists and engineers look to the animal world to create innovations for humans.

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