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Life in Hell (2010) 4of4 Survivors of Darkness

ARTE Life In Hell 4of4 Survivors of Darkness

Just 30 years ago, scientists believed that certain places on Earth were sterile. Life there was simply impossible, just as it is absent from other planets.But we now know certain creatures are perfectly adapted to these conditions, which would prove fatal for the vast majority of organisms. Scientists have dubbed them “extremophiles” those who like extreme conditions and they can be found in the most inhospitable places on the planet

To understand the secrets of evolution in these places, scientists are studying how certain species have managed to survive in environments that are hostile and dangerous for humans.

Part 1: Survivors of Salt and Acid
In these environments, micro-organisms rule. In order to thrive, certain animals have made strange adaptations. Scientists are studying how they manage to live in water as acid as vinegar or as alkaline as washing powder.

Part 2: Survivors of Heat
At temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius, life is lived at the extreme. To survive, certain animals have undergone some strange adaptations. In the hottest zones on the planet, scientists are studying how life has managed to develop between 50 and 120 degrees.

Part 3: Survivors of Cold
In cold environments, micro-organisms rule. They form the basis of a fragile ecosystem threatened by global warming. Scientists are studying how these species manage to survive in environments as unstable and ephemeral as snow and ice.

Part 4: Survivors of Darkness
Certain animals have strange adaptations such as skin that is totally white or even transparent. Others are blind. Scientists are studying how these species manage to survive with so little oxygen, food and light in the most inhospitable caves on the planet.

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