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ITV – Unbelievable Moments: Caught on Camera Series 1 (2016) 1of2

ITV Unbelievable Moments Caught On Camera Series 1 1of2

Unbelievable Moments: Caught On Camera
Alastair Stewart presents a selection of extraordinary eyewitness footage filmed by members of the public, and meets those who just happened to be there at the right time to record jaw-dropping moments.

Part 1:
Part one of two. Featuring a ship’s cook who survived for three days in a vessel sunk 30 metres below the surface, a wildlife worker who saved a baby elephant stuck in a hole, a Californian family that fled from a wildfire, and a fisherman who found 60 fish jumping into his boat.

Part 2:
Part two of two. Alastair Stewart presents footage of extraordinary animal rescues, including a couple who came to the aid of a humpback whale that had got caught in fishing nets. Plus, an unmanned rocket that exploded shortly after launching, a group of people who moved a taxi to free a woman trapped underneath and a skier who falls 500 metres in 40 seconds, with the incident recorded by his helmet camera.

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