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ITV Tonight – Summer Diets: Fact or Fiction? (2016)

ITV Tonight Summer Diets Fact Or Fiction

Summer Diets – Fact or Fiction?
When Cath Tyldesley was 18, she weighed 14½ stone and bikini season was a self confessed nightmare. Back then, there was not a quick fix diet she didnt try, and like many other people trapped in the diet cycle, Caths weight constantly yo-yoed.
To find out if quick fix diets work and the effects they have on the body, we follow 31 year old advertising consultant Grant Bickell for a week, as he embarks on a self imposed meal replacement shake diet.
Cath meets Nutritionist and Chef Dale Pinnock, who busts some of the dieting myths that surround the food we buy. Dale advocates that some products labelled as ‘low fat are often worse, because of their additives and ingredients, particularly sugar.

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