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ITV Tonight – 2016 the Year that Changed the World (2016)

ITV Tonight 2016 The Year That Changed The World

ITV Tonight: 2016 The Year that Changed the World
It’s been dubbed the year of rebellion.
A year when everything that was assumed to be the political and social norm was turned upside down.
After Brexit and the shockwaves following the American election it would be no exaggeration to describe 2016 as the year that changed the world. In this special review of the year for the ‘Tonight’ series, Tom Bradby explores the Brexit vote in Britain and how it revealed a deeply divided nation, uncertain of its future in an increasingly pressurised European Union. Across the pond in America and a similar revolution occurred in this year. In the iconic bellwether state of Ohio, Trump supporters are toasting the start of a new golden age for America after the election of Donald Trump as President.

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