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ITV – Tonight (2016) 1of2 Christmas Buyers Beware

ITV Tonight 1of2 Christmas Buyers Beware
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ITV - Tonight (2016) Part 1: Christmas Buyers Beware
The countdown to Christmas has begun and for many of us we will be looking to buy those special presents for those nearest and dearest to us. But with pressure on us all to get it done around our busy lives there’s a risk we might let our guard down. And when that happens we could find ourselves in the hands of fraudsters.

ITV - Tonight (2016) Part 2: Secrets of your Christmas Dinner
Just over a week from now tens of millions of us will be sitting down to turkey and all the trimmings. But how much do we really know about what goes into our festive food? Tonight, Fiona Foster investigates the secrets behind the nation’s favourite meal.
Most of us like to indulge when it comes to Christmas day, but if were to count how many calories we consume, would we be in for a shock?

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