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ITV – The Motorbike Show Series 6 (2016) 1of6

ITV The Motorbike Show Series 6 1of6

Henry Cole presents a new series of the programme for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Part 1:
Henry travels to the Isle of Man where he interviews Enduro legend and three-time world champion David Knight, and meets the current Norton racing team. He also begins an epic restoration project, a rare Phil Read Honda, rescued from a garden in London.

Part 2:
Henry takes on one of his biggest challenges so far – riding a 1960s drag bike known as ‘the Yellow Peril’ at North Weald airstrip. In between nail biting rides he tells the story of the Brough Superior and continues his epic restoration project, stripping down an ivy-covered Honda.

Part 3:
Henry joins 3,500 other riders on the Bike for Life ride out. He meets bike builder extraordinaire, Alan Milyard, who tells the story of the Triumph Bonneville, and continues his Phil Read restoration.

Part 4:
Henry goes Green-laning in Oxfordshire, and visits speed week in Yorkshire. He also tells the story of the Streetfighter, one of the most distinctive styles of modern motorbike.

Part 5:
Henry travels to California to meet the Brit who is reviving the American chopper. He also discovers the joys of Soviet era sidecars, and rides vintage flat tankers in Cornwall.

Part 6:
Henry’s painstaking restoration of Honda race bike comes to a climax. In between intensive workshop sessions, Henry rides his first twin machine gun Mad Max special, and trains to become a Blood Biker.

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