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ITV – The Motorbike Show Series 5 (2014) 6of6

ITV The Motorbike Show Series 5 6of6

Henry Cole returns with another series of the motorbike magazine show.

Part 1.
Henry Cole rides with the Harley Owners Group, experiences 1000cc sidecar speedway, and goes moped endurance racing at the BMF rally in Peterborough.

Part 2.
Henry Cole joins the Police SEG riders, visits the Brooklands museam and Tobacco dock show.

Part 3.
Henry Cole goes back to his roots as a dispatch rider in London, and he buys a couple of bikes with Pete the restorer.

Part 4.
Henry and bike restorer Peter Thorne head down to the seaside at Exmouth on a motor biking holiday, and sample a classic drag race at Santa Pod.

Part 5.
Crunch time for Henry and the team as they embark on the final build and test of the landspeed record bike. Will it be quick enough to take to America?

Part 6.
After months of preparation and planning, the time for landspeed record glory is finally here.

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