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ITV – Tales from the Coast With Robson Green: Series 1 (2017) 4of4 Blackwater Estuary

Tales From The Coast With Robson Green Series 1 4of4 Blackwater Estuary
Tales from the Coast with Robson Green
Join Robson Green as he explores the shores of Britain, on a journey to find out just what it is that makes our coast so special and how as an island nation, Britain has been shaped and defined by its relationship with the sea.

ITV - Tales from the Coast With Robson Green  Series 1 (2017) Part 1: Ilfracombe
Robson meets people who share his passion for the British coast, beginning with north Devon, a 90-mile stretch of shoreline that holds fond childhood memories for him. Robson starts his adventures by visiting the popular seaside resort of Ilfracombe; a town that stills attracts thousands of visitors every summer, to experience the classic British day out by the sea. After spending a night under canvas, he takes a boat ride to the port of Clovelly, a village that evokes the character and atmosphere of a bygone age, and visits the island of Lundy.

ITV - Tales from the Coast With Robson Green  Series 1 (2017) Part 2: Pembrokeshire
The presenter explores the hidden coves and remote islands of Pembrokeshire in South-West Wales. He meets up with former Soldier Soldier co-star and singing partner Jerome Flynn – who is now living on the Pembrokeshire coast. They go sea kayaking around Ramsey Island and Robson attempts to navigate some of the most dangerous tidal rapids off British shores. On Skokholm Island, he also spends 24 hours living and working with its only human inhabitants – wildlife wardens Giselle Eagle and Richard Brown.

ITV - Tales from the Coast With Robson Green  Series 1 (2017) Part 3: Outer Hebrides
Robson travels to the wild and remote coastline of the Outer Hebrides and discovers how an unpredictable climate has given these islands an identity and way of life of their own. At the ancient village of Gearrannan, Robson tries his hand at weaving Harris Tweed in a traditional crofter’s blackhouse, with mixed results, and on the Isle of Lewis he goes snorkelling for sugar kelp, used to flavour the local gin. He also camps on the beach at Luskentyre, and on the Isle of Barra helps out at the airport, where the beach doubles as its only runway.

ITV - Tales from the Coast With Robson Green  Series 1 (2017) Part 4: Blackwater Estuary
Robson’s tour of the UK’s coastal landscape concludes as he visits Essex and Suffolk, beginning with the salt marshes of the Blackwater Estuary, where he tries to run the route of the Maldon Mud Race. At Clacton-on-Sea, Robson reunites a group of Mods and Rockers, who previously made headlines via a dramatic clash on the resort town’s beach in 1964. He also takes in Orford Ness, a giant shingle spit that once served as a top-secret military base, and played a vital role in Britain’s defence in both World Wars, and in Southwold he meets the owners of some of Britain’s most sought-after beach huts.

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