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ITV On Assignment – America, Norway and Turkey (2018)

ITV On Assignment 2018 America Norway and Turkey

The headlines have been dominated by President Trump’s first year in office, but the man who stands by him every step of the way barely gets any attention. Just who is Vice President Mike Pence and why has this deeply religious family man stuck by the President through all the talk of sleaze and scandal? Martin Geissler is in Pence’s home state of Indiana to find out.

Norway is leading the electric revolution: half of new car sales are ones you plug in and charge rather than fill up with fuel – that is more than any other country. Richard Pallot went to Oslo to discover how they did it and what lessons the UK can learn.

The ancient historical city of Hasankeyf near to the Turkish Syrian border is about to disappear under flood water from a new hydro-electric dam construction. Neil Connery reports.

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