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ITV – Martin Clunes: Islands of America Season 1 (2019) 1of4 Hawaii

Martin Clunes Islands Of America Series 1 1of4 Hawaii
Martin Clunes: Islands of America
Martin Clunes sets off on an epic journey to discover what lies beyond the mainland of America and to challenge the misconceptions that America is simply a country filled with towering buildings, endless highways, and mega-stores.

Part 1: Hawaii
Martin Clunes visits the lush, tropical island of Hawaii to investigate the state’s status as a tourist paradise, and the islands of Alaska.

Part 2: San Juan Islands
Martin’s travels take him 1,500 miles to the San Juan Islands in Washington State then down to the Channel Islands National Park, and across to Avery Island and Delacroix Island.

Part 3: Puerto Rico
Martin visits the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017. Martin sees how the Puerto Ricans have begun to recover from the disaster.

Part 4: Manhattan Island
Martin arrives in New York to explore Manhattan Island on the final leg of his journey, including its world-famous Empire State Building and nearby Ellis Island.

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