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ITV – Mafia Women: With Trevor McDonald (2017) 2of2

ITV Mafia Women With Trevor McDonald 2of2

Mafia Women: With Trevor McDonald
A two-part documentary in which the veteran broadcaster travels to the US to meet mob wives, girlfriends and daughters, who reveal the truth behind the money, violence, glamour and treachery of organised crime.

Part 1:
Linda Scarpa, the daughter of hitman Greg Scarpa, who reveals how the bloodshed from her father’s Mafia involvement spilled over into her own life. Trevor also spends time with Anthony Russo, a former Colombo family captain, and meets his new girlfriend Amy, who knew nothing of his past when she started dating him six months ago.

Part 2:
The veteran broadcaster presents the second of two programmes lifting the lid on the riches, the pain and the sense of betrayal that life with a mobster can bring – and this time his journey brings him to a series of secret locations meeting mob wives who are all hiding from the Mafia with their partners. They include Donna Mangiavillano, her daughters Stefanie and Victoria and husband Salvatore, who once masterminded bank heists for the mob – only to betray his bosses to the FBI. Now the family live in fear that one day the Mafia will exact its revenge.

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