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ITV – Inside Scotland Yard with Trevor McDonald (2016) 2of2

ITV Inside Scotland Yard With Trevor Mcdonald 2of2
Inside Scotland Yard with Trevor Mcdonald
Trevor McDonald has politely probed American prisons in previous series. But he’s back home again for this two-parter about Scotland Yard, home of London’s Metropolitan Police force.

ITV - Inside Scotland Yard with Trevor McDonald (2016) Part 1: 1
As Scotland Yard prepares to move to a new home, the veteran presenter is granted access behind the doors of the Metropolitan Police headquarters for the first of two programmes. The detectives’ work is documented in a room inside the building called the Crime Museum, created in 1875 to house exhibits from the most important cases. Trevor gains access to this room, finding out about early forensic techniques, surveillance methods used when police were trying to identify the suffragettes, and the horrific crimes of serial killers Dennis Nilsen and the `Acid Bath Murderer’.

ITV - Inside Scotland Yard with Trevor McDonald (2016) Part 2:
Part two of two. The presenter continues to explore landmark investigations and looks back at the 1911 Sidney Street Siege and 1960s East End gang culture. He also gains access into the counter-terrorism department, which houses deadly terrorist devices used in London, and Scotland Yard’s armoury, the second largest collection of guns in the UK, while Norwell Roberts, the Metropolitan Police’s first black police officer, talks about the racism he suffered in his first few years in the Force.

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