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ITV – How the North was Built (2013) 2of2

How the North was Built 2of2

Northumberland-born actor Robson Green presents a two-part documentary celebrating the North of England’s contribution to the Industrial Revolution. In the first edition, he tells the story of coal and finds out how the cotton-mill workers of Lancashire created the profits that helped to develop Manchester. He also looks at the rugged northern landscape, along with the climate and the hard-working people that live and work there, whose contribution made the North of England the workshop of the world and then explores advances in transport as canals and railways linked cities, factories and ports, allowing larger numbers of working people easy access to the seaside for well-earned breaks.

Part 1
Robson tells the story of coal and the production of cotton which helped to develop Manchester, and hears about the introduction of railways, a revolution in transport which would change the face of the landscape.

Part 2
Robson Green focuses on the industries of steel and shipbuilding, finds out how football became the sport of the north and of how pubs were at the center of these new communities.

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