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ITV Exposure – Hunting the People Smugglers (2020)

ITV Exposure 2020 Hunting the People Smugglers

Posing as a refugee seeking passage to the UK,the programme’s undercover reporters come face to face with the head of one of the biggest criminal gangs in Calais who offers to send one of them to the UK as soon as he pays the price of ?3,500.

The smugglers appear to operate with impunity, sending several boats a night across the English Channel.

With the help of a former insider, reporter Adnan Sarwar witnesses a crossing first hand, involving about a dozen people including a terrified child, as it’s launched from a beach in the heart of Calais.

Exposure meticulously unpicks the gang’s operations, tracing the key individuals who profit from those who are desperate to get to Britain and the wider network that handles payments.

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