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Into the Wild Colombia: Series 1 (2018) 5of5 Finding A Family

Into the Wild Colombia Series 1 5of5 Finding A Family

Into the Wild Colombia: Series 1
Explore the tropical forests, dense jungles, and vast grasslands of Colombia, where a tremendous array of animals face a daily struggle against fierce predators and harsh weather. Watch as young tamarins face deadly boa constrictors, capuchins dodge hungry jaguars, capybaras share streams with caimans, and dazzling hummingbirds engage in an endless quest for nectar. In these unforgiving landscapes, stunning creatures and hidden dangers are waiting to be discovered around every corner.

Part 1: Romeo and Julieta
Don’t underestimate the tiny golden dart frog: a single drop of her toxin is enough to stop a human heart.

Part 2: A Capuchins Tale
High above the rainforest floor, a young capuchin learns the skills needed to survive in a world full of peril.

Part 3: The Hummingbirds Quest
Scale the rugged Colombian Andes, home to more species of hummingbirds than anywhere else in the world.

Part 4: Warriors of the Llanos
Meet the hardened warriors of the Colombian Llanos, where savage heat and torrential floods push life to the brink.

Part 5: Finding a Family
Follow the dangerous journey of Mona, a young tamarin in search of a new troop and a future mate.

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