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Inside Windsor Castle: Season 1 (2017) 3of4 Happy Families

Inside Windsor Castle Series 1 3of4 Happy Families
Inside Windsor Castle: Series 1

Windsor: the oldest and largest continually inhabited castle in the world. For millennia, it’s been the symbol of Britain’s royal dynasties, and for decades it’s been the stage for a series of scandals, secrets, and spectacles for Queen Elizabeth II and her family.

Part 1: Tragedy and Triumph
Follow Queen Elizabeth II as she battles through the darkest years of her reign to find peace in her later years.

Part 2: Love and War
Discover stories of war, cover-ups, love, and scandal at Windsor Castle before, during, and after World War II.

Part 3: Happy Families
Watch as Queen Elizabeth II handles a defiant mother, a black sheep uncle, and a changing world in the early years of her reign.

Part 4: Four Divorces and a Fire
A ruinous 20-year period at Windsor Castle and how Queen Elizabeth II battled to protect the family name.

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