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Humongous Moves: Season 2 (2011) 6of6 Mountain Mission

Humongous Moves Series 2 6of6 Mountain Mission
Humongous Moves: Series 2
Teams of movers transport decaying ships, pricey aircraft, heavy locomotives, and more by land, sea, and air.
Follow the teams of engineers tasked with planning and executing the world’s most nail-biting moves. Through each daring and dangerous relocation and amidst tough conditions and tight deadlines, these heavy haulers must overcome incredible challenges to get their colossal cargoes to their new homes.

Part 1: Ship Sink
USS Kittiwake operated as a Navy submarine rescue vessel for nearly 50 years before being decommissioned in 1994. Now she’s being transformed into an artificial reef and underwater adventure for sports divers to explore. She must survive the trek from Norfolk, VA to the Cayman Islands and sink on target to land upright on the Caribbean Sea floor. Meet the teams in charge of this titanic task and follow their 1,600-mile journey through winter storms and huge swells.

Part 2: Spectacular Spitfire
A vintage aircraft collector’s childhood dream of flying a British Supermarine Spitfire is about to come true. After spending $2.5 million buying and restoring the iconic WWII fighter, the next challenge is getting it over the Atlantic to its new home in Maryland. The plane can’t carry enough fuel to fly to the U.S., so a team of engineers must dismantle the classic aircraft, ensure it survives a 4,000-mile voyage, then reconstruct it to make it airworthy once more.

Part 3: Titanic Trains
A team of “steam devotees” has located two WWII Stanier 8Fs in Turkey and wants to bring them back to England for restoration. But the steam locomotives are no longer operational, and the mountainous roads are too steep to safely move the nearly 100-ton trains. The only way to get them home is to hitch their way across Turkey on a series of freight trains to an England-bound cargo ship docked 850 miles away.

Part 4: Mammoth Machines
Two teams of heavy haulers face two massive jobs involving a vintage submarine attack aircraft from the Cold War and a railroad snowplow built in 1925. First, the last airworthy Fairey Gannet has to hitch a ride out of Goose Bay Airbase in Canada aboard the Antonov-124 cargo aircraft. Meanwhile, in Oregon, a team of movers fights gravity and narrow roads to pull the Union Pacific snowplow locomotive up the treacherous “Train Mountain.” Will both mammoth machines survive these perilous journeys and reach their new homes in one piece?

Part 5: Ocean Odyssey
A fleet of racing yachts worth over $10 million has just completed one transatlantic odyssey and is about to embark on another. The boats have just crossed the finish line of the Route du Rhum, an epic yacht race from France to the Caribbean, and now must be transported back to Europe. The crew moving this pricey payload must deal with a tardy cargo ship, devise a precise loading plan, and then securely fasten each boat for its 4,000-mile voyage on rough seas.

Part 6: Mountain Mission
In Chile, 16,400 feet above sea level, astronomers, engineers, and technicians are building the world’s biggest telescope, a scientific wonder capable of gazing into the farthest reaches of the universe. Follow two massive moves–one to haul a huge dish 7,000 miles from its factory in France to the Atacama Desert, and the other to carry the antenna up a desert mountain aboard a custom-designed, 28-wheeled transporter.

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