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Hong Kong Trilogy: Preschooled Preoccupied Preposterous (2015)

Hong Kong Trilogy

Sitting somewhere between fiction and documentary, Hong Kong Trilogy is a fascinating look at the vicissitudes of the city’s sociopolitical atmosphere. In three movements – Preschooled, Preoccupied and Preposterous – the film riffs on three different generations, and their interaction with Hong Kong at the time when the city was making international headlines with the rise of the Umbrella Movement. From the start of the work it’s clear there’s little distance between the stories on screen and reality, but enough to distinguish the work from simply being a documentary.

It takes as its subject an array of emotional, political, and philosophical ideas and emotions at a crossroads; expressed through a series of impressionistic tales. Although Christopher Doyle directs and serves as the cinematographer for the film, the degree of collaboration involved is more than evident throughout – with Ken Hui and Jenny Suen’s presence both as producers of the film and younger citizens of Hong Kong invaluable to the final product.

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