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History Channel Weapons at War – Tanks (1991)

HC Weapons at War Tanks

From man’s earliest battles to the combat visions of the future, the Weapons at War series richly illustrates the history of weaponry throughout the ages – and what weapons will be like in the future.
The first tanks that rumbled across the trenches of the First World War moved at only 4 miles per hour. Today, battle tanks weighing 60 tons roar over the countryside at 45 miles per hour. Their guns can blast a uranium dart into an enemy tank over a mile away, day or night. This episode traces the evolution of the tank from 1915 to present.
When the tank first appeared on the battlefield in World War I, it was slow, clumsy and unreliable. But its potential was undeniable. By World War II, tanks developed into the most effective ground weapons the world had ever seen. Examine some of the most important designs in history, like the Sherman and the M-1, and see extensive combat footage of tanks in action throughout the 20th century. Military historians and former soldiers reveal how the strategies of tank warfare have evolved through the years.

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