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History Channel – The New Age of Terror: Series 1 (2017) 1of2 A Rising Enemy

The New Age of Terror Series 1 1of2 A Rising Enemy WebRip
The New Age of Terror: Series 1
Age of Terror seeks to answer the question by probing the historical roots of the conflict to uncover how todays terrorism has evolved and how weve fought back.
This two-episode event begins with 9/11, as America wakes up to the most devastating assault ever to strike its soil. Through the lens of the attacks, well reveal the history of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, its origins, motives, tactics, and ultimate decline that leads to the rise of ISIS.

History Ch. - The New Age of Terror: Series 1 (2017) Part 1: A Rising Enemy
The aftermath of 9/11. Included: fear becomes a weapon; American people adjust to a new normal of heightened security; conflict in Afghanistan spreads to Iraq and morphs into a global battle; Islamic state becomes difficult to contain using traditional military tactics; and the first lone wolf attacks in Paris and Brussels.

History Ch. - The New Age of Terror: Series 1 (2017) Part 2: War Without End
The war on terror enters a new phase as homegrown lone wolves begin to strike in the U.S. The American military apparatus struggles to contain a threat that has moved to a new battlefield: the internet. Included: tragedies in Boston, San Bernardino and Orlando; new and unexpected allies join the counter offensive, including hackers and U.S. businesses; a climate of fear gives rise to more hate; and more.

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