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History Channel – Samurai: Miyamoto Musashi (2009)

HC Samurai Miyamoto Musashi

In the History Channel Samurai – Miyamoto Musashi, Mark Dacascos, 8th dan Wun Hop Kuen Do expert, and martial arts movie actor, travels to Japan to trace the footsteps of the ultimate samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi.
They were the most lethal swordsmen who ever lived, an elite warrior class who held the reigns of power in Japan for more than 700 years. Among this group of powerful fighters, one man stood out above all the rest, Miyamoto Musashi. Originally the samurai’s job was to serve the emperor, much the same way the legendary Knights of the Round Table were meant to serve King Arthur. The life of the Samurai changed when the country was in transition from one Shogun to another.
Musashi was born in 1584. Today he is the prime example in Japan of how to live and work. His philosophies that he wrote down in his final years of life in his book “The Book of Five Rings”, is what guides many Japanese businesses today. It is a guide to enlightenment. Samurai were also the inspiration for the Kamikaze pilots during World War II. “Being a samurai means being a killing machine”, and the WWII pilots took this to heart when they intentionally crashed their planes into boats in order to kill their enemy.
Set to the action-packed, battle-scarred backdrop of Japan’s warrior tradition, the History Channel Samurai takes you on an immersive journey through historic Japan in the footsteps of the country’s most legendary swordsman of all time, Miyamoto Musashi.
Join the host, actor Mark Dacascos as he explores ancient Samurai culture and trains in the weaponry and wisdom of Japan’s great warriors. Visit one of Japan’s oldest Kenjutsu sword schools, 400 miles south of Tokyo; travel to the ancient battleground where Musashi had his first experience of war at age 17; and in the town of Kumomoto, meet the Koiymas family, who have been making swords in the ancient tradition for generations.
Bringing together high-octane action and cutting-edge animation, The HISTORY Channel presents this thrilling and enlightening look at the life and legacy of Miyamoto Musashi, Japan’s ultimate warrior. As Mark learns about ancient Samurai culture, the action is brought vividly to life in a dynamic and innovative way through cutting-edge animation.

Produced by Diverse Bristol Ltd/A Zodiac Entertainment Company for History/A&E Television Networks

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