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History Channel – Modern Marvels (2006) Mummy Tech

HC Modern Marvels Mummy Tech

For 2,000 years, the ancient Egyptian tradition of mummifying the dead has engaged imaginations and stumped scientists. How did the civilization develop this preservation technique? This entry in the Modern Marvels series looks all the way back to the days of King Tut to understand how and why mummies were created, and even exposes present-day attempts to re-create one of these wrapped wonders.
After thousands of years of unanswered questions, new technology has brought Egyptian mummies back to life.
Now, join MODERN MARVELS for a fascinating look into the ways in which modern medical technology has revolutionized the way mummies are studied. Watch as renowned Egyptologist Dr. Robert Brier reveals how he performed the first body mummification in 2,000 years, using only the tools and techniques available to the Egyptians back in 3000 B.C. Follow scientists as they employ 3-D imaging to investigate the deaths of some of the most recognized mummies in history, including King Tut, and learn how today’s high-tech display cases help protect these mummies from the damaging effects of the modern world.
From CT scanning to C-Arm and other medical imaging techniques, MUMMY TECH reveals how modern technology has allowed scientists to study ancient Egyptian mummification, while also ensuring the mummies’ preservation for future generations.

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