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History Channel – How the World Ends (2017) 2of6 Nuclear

How The World Ends 2of6 Nuclear

Throughout history, people have prepared for the apocalypse. This series focuses on the different threats that may bring about the end of humanity. How the World Ends covers worldwide theories on the end of the world from Nostradamus prophecies, celestial armageddon, killer bacteria, virus epidemics, nuclear threats and biblical prophecies. How the World Ends takes a closer look at the people, the science and the history surrounding each theory’s impending countdown to destruction.

Part 1: Biblical
In suburban Oklahoma, a messianic group is preparing for the End of Days. Join them on a camping trip in preparation for an imminent and terrifying cataclysm: the Tribulation, a three and a half year long global catastrophe that will kill billions of people and plunge the planet into chaos.

Part 2: Nuclear
The Cold War might be long gone, but the nuclear threat has re-emerged. North Korea, terrorism and a newly belligerent Russia are all new and unpredictable players on the international nuclear stage. As tensions with the West reach new heights, we reveal the chequered history of the atomic accidents and missteps, and reality behind the fog of nuclear war.

Part 3: Pandemic
Smallpox, the Black Death, Spanish flu, AIDS, Zika: history has taught us that in the face of a new killer bacteria or virus, humankind is still vulnerable, despite the best efforts of modern medicine. Discover the true microbial threat facing the world today: a highly infectious airborne super-flu that could kill hundreds of millions of people within the space of just a few months.

Part 4: Planet X
A giant hidden planet with a gravitational pull so strong that it would literally cause the earth to turn upside down is on course to destroy us. That’s the belief of people around the world who say Planet X has caused mass extinctions in the past and are preparing for the next celestial Armageddon.

Part 5: Nostradamus
The words of a medieval prophet have captivated the world for more than 400 years. His cryptic prophecies have predicted some of the most dramatic and tragic events in history with chilling accuracy, with the worst to come. According to Nostradamus, the coming decade will see the destruction of planet Earth and humankind as we know it.

Part 6: Alien Invasion
With the recent discovery of thousands of Earth-like planets in the universe, the search for intelligent alien life continues. Some astronomers warn that when we find it, we should be prepared for an advanced hostile extraterrestrial species capable of, and intent on, wiping out planet Earth with superior weapons and technology.

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