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History Channel – History Alive: 100 Years of Terror (2000) 3of4 Terror Goes International

HC History Alive 100 Years of Terror 3of4 Terror Goes International
A four-part series chronicles the history of terrorism around the world.
Violence has been used as a political tool for centuries, but it took on a new tenor in the 20th century. From the Russian Revolution to today, this extraordinary series goes behind the scenes of some of the most infamous groups to see how terrorism made history and transformed society in the last 100 years.
Presented by Roger Mudd, each thrilling episode draws on interviews with law enforcement agents, former activists and terrorists, and esteemed scholars, as well as extraordinary footage of some of the most infamous events of the century.

Produced by SET Productions and NOGA Communications for the History Channel

Part 1: A Legacy of Violence
The tactics of Robespierre showed how terror could inspire revolution and served as an inspiration for Lenin, Stalin and Hitler.
Included: the Reign of Terror perpetrated by Robespierre (1758-94) during the French Revolution, the Red Terror unleashed by Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) in post-revolutionary Russia, and the guerilla war tactics of Michael Collins (1890-1922) as he fought against the British for a Free Irish State.

Part 2: The War Against Colonialism
The program describes the deployment of terrorism in the fight for independence from colonial powers.
Discover how terrorism was deployed in Kenya, Palestine and Algeria to create panic, destabilize the colonial system and lead to independence.
Included: the demise of British colonialism in Kenya in 1963 and Palestine in the late 1940s. Also: Algeria wins the battle for freedom against France in 1962.

Part 3: Terror Goes International
A look at international terrorism in the last half of the 20th century.
The discovery of terrorist “camps” in Cuba and elsewhere during the sixties opened a dangerous new chapter in terrorism.
Included: the Palestinian campaign against Israel; the era of skyjacking; Germany’s Red Army Faction; and the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972.
Also: interviews with King Hussein of Jordan, former Black September member Therese Hallaseh and former RAF member Peter Jurgen Boock

Part 4: The Fright Decades
Last episode profiles religious terrorists.
A rare inside look at two of the most notorious terrorist groups in the world today–Hezbollah and Hamas–highlights this look at the rise of religious terrorism.
Included: the Hezbollah and the Hamas, two radical Islamist groups who employ suicide-bombing tactics in their “holy war” against Israel and its allies.

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