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History Channel – Great Ships: The Power Racers (1998)

HC Great Ships The Power Racers

Powerful racing boats go against the challenge of the seas in ‘Great Ships: The Power Racers’, as technological advances enable designers to create faster and sleeker machines.
Some slam across the dangerous swells of the ocean on an ever- changing racecourse where a shift in wind or wave can be deadly. Others skim across the placid waters of rivers and lakes at speeds well over 100 miles an hour.
THE POWER RACERS are some of the most advanced boats ever made, designed with only one thing in mind — speed.
THE GREAT SHIPS takes to the water with these record-setting machines and the men who design and race them. Hear from Dave Villcock, driver of Miss Budweiser, one of the most famous and successful of the flat- water Ultimate Hydroplane boats, and Lee Austin, owner and driver of the offshore racer, Key West Lager.
See incredible footage of great races and get an up-close look at these amazing machines, guided by the men who design and build them. And thrill to the view from the cockpit.

Produced & Directed by Monte Markham ; Perpetual Motion Films Production For The History Channel

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