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History Channel – Great Ships: The Freighters (1997)

HC Great Ships The Freighters

They keep the world’s economy rolling. They helped save Europe (and possibly the world) from Nazi domination. They are the most important vessels ever to sail the seas. THE FREIGHTERS is a fascinating look at the vital ships that haul billions of tons of cargo annually. From giant container ships to the super-specialized automobile carriers that carry hundreds of cars at once, get an up-close look at the ships that are the backbone of the world’s maritime economy. See how today’s high-tech freighters evolved from humble ships like old tramp steamers, and trace the developments that have improved their safety, speed and capacity. Examine the pivotal role that Liberty Ships played in World War II, when brilliant industrialist Robert Kaiser laid the foundations for victory by devising a way to build the workhorse freighters in mere weeks. And meet men who served aboard the WWII convoys, as well as sailors today who offer guided tours of their huge ships.

Produced & Directed by Monte Markham ; Perpetual Motion Production For The History Channel

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