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History Channel – Coast New Zealand: Season 3 (2018) 2of6 Chatham Islands

Coast New Zealand Series3 2of6 Chatham Islands

The enthusiastic team of presenter Neil Oliver and six New Zealand experts in marine biology, history and social history explore the panoramic beauty of the coastline while investigating the formation and evolution of the nation: its history, its people, and its culture.

Part 1: Wellington
Wellington, the world’s southern-most capital city. Wellington came from the sea, Jackie Guerts ponders the plight of the long finned eel, David Murray embarks on a boys own adventure, and Ocean Mercier seeks inspiration from a reclusive maritime artist.

Part 2: Chatham Islands
Neil Oliver visits living Moriori artifacts and Michael Stevens hears about the day the Germans infiltrated the islands’ waters during World War 2.

Part 3: Bay of Plenty
Plenty by name, plenty by nature. This stretch of coast offers more than its fair share of seaside tales. Join Neil Oliver and the team as they explore the Bay of Plenty

Part 4: North Otago
Oamaru, the white-stone city, is picture perfect and the entire coastline is studded with stories. Neil visits an extraordinary feat of Victorian engineering, and goes in search of the perfect penguin

Part 5: Kaipara Harbour
It was once the country’s busiest port, but Kaipara Harbour is also the deadliest, thought to have claimed up to 150 shipwrecks since the 1840s.This time Neil Oliver hits Ripiro Beach in a blokart, and is treated to an exclusive sound and light show at Gibbs Farm

Part 6: South Westland
The warm subtropical top of the North Island is famed for its beauty and history. Nowhere in New Zealand is land entangled more vividly with the sea than around the beautiful but sometimes wild Far North peninsula.

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