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History Channel – Battle Stations (2002) F-86 Sabre: Jet Strike

HC Battle Stations F-86 Sabre Jet Strike

This is the remarkable story of America’s first swept-wing fighter and its elite battle-hardened aircrews. Developed from jet technology captured from the Germans after WWII, the F-86 approached speeds of Mach 1. First deployed during the Korean War, the F-86 battled the Soviet-made MiG-15, fighting some of the earliest jet-to-jet battles in history.
For over two years, the F-86 Sabre took on the menacing Russian MiG-15 in the skies over Korea and out-performed it, accounting for a final ratio of 10-to-1. Whether playing interceptor or fighter-bomber, the Sabre was a battle winner. Find out why pilots called it the best plane they ever flew.

Produced by Flashback Television for The History Channel

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