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High Fidelity – Cosmic Vistas: Season 3 (2012) 1of6 Seasons of Saturn

Cosmic Vistas Season 3 1of6 Seasons of Saturn

Learn how mysteries are being unraveled through the most beautiful images ever captured of our universe. From extreme close ups of our nearest cosmic companion the moon, to images of galaxies 15 billion years away, Cosmic Vistas will show and explain how scientists are trying to get the big picture of existance

Part 1: Seasons of Saturn
Saturn is the second largest planet and has an astonishing 60 moons in its orbit. Thanks to the Cassini mission, it’s also one of the most studied and most photographed planets in our neighborhood.

Part 2: Vesta Unveiled
With the Dawn missions exploration of the asteroid Vesta and the dwarf planet Ceres, asteroids are a hot topic. See what these incredible missions have uncovered.

Part 3: Water Worlds
They key ingredient to life in the universe is water. Until recently we thought Earth was the only place in the solar system to have any water at all. Now that probes are peering around nearby worlds we are finding that is just not the case.

Part 4: Gravity
Gravity has long been a force that has intrigued scientists. Now, for the first time scientists are probing to detect gravity waves in space as well as mapping the gravity patterns of the moon

Part 5: Science and the Shuttle
For more than 25 years the shuttle was our ticket to space, and our laboratory in orbit. Uncover the legacy of this amazing machine, and see what lies ahead.

Part 6: Landing on Mars
Mars sparks our curiosity like no other planet because it is so reachable. Despite having landed there, most of the information we gather is still done by instruments in the planet’s orbit.

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