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Ghosts of Attica (2001)

Ghosts of Attica DVD

“A searing and powerful reminder that no matter how much trauma ordinary people may endure, they will not be silenced.” – Prof. Heather Ann Thompson, author of Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 and its Legacy

Attica. Like Watergate and Vietnam, it is an icon of recent history. Gov. Rockefeller’s brutal re-taking of the prison- a nine-minute, 1600-bullet assault that took the lives of 29 inmates and 10 guards held hostage put an end to the four-day rebellion. But the struggles for justice, by both prisoners and guards, endured for three decades. Eventually inmates wrested a historic $12-million settlement from the state, and that bittersweet victory spurred a new round of agitation by guards and their survivors.

‘Ghosts of Attica’ offers a definitive account of America’s most violent prison rebellion, its suppression, and the days of torture that ensued using exclusive, images, documents, and interviews. More than just a history film, it also chronicles an unfolding contemporary story, as both inmates and guards united by suffering, but divided by race, class, and culture hurtle towards a final show-down with the state”

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