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Garden Secrets: Season 1 (2010) 4of4 Pollinator Power

Garden Secrets Series 1 4of4 Pollinator Power
Garden Secrets: Series 1
Meet the experts who make the Smithsonian Gardens a stunning living museum year-round. See how our horticulturists work tirelessly to overcome urban conditions and freezing temperatures. Learn how all gardeners, from amateur to seasoned, can use their secrets to make their own gardens grow.

Part 1: Urban Gardening
The experts who work the grounds of the Smithsonian Gardens share their secrets and offer advice to everyday home gardeners.

Part 2: Flower Power
Join the horticulture experts of the Smithsonian Gardens and learn how their design secrets can make your own garden come to life. This episode will show you what it takes to make a garden flourish, without getting your hands dirty.

Part 3: Victory Veggies
See how gardening tips used in the WWII effort and practiced by Native American Indians can make your garden grow!

Part 4: Pollinator Power
Smithsonian’s gardening specialists help home gardeners like you create pollinator-friendly habitats. How can you turn your backyard into an urban oasis for pollinators?

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