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Futuropolis: Mapping the City of Tomorrow (2018) Episode 1 Rising Concerns

Futuropolis Mapping the City of Tomorrow Series 1 1of2 Rising Concerns
Futuropolis: Mapping the City of Tomorrow-Series 1
Discover how Singapores architects and futurists plan to radically transform the city in response to the daunting challenges it faces.

Part 1: Rising Concerns
With its survival challenged by a rapidly growing and aging population and by accelerating climate change, where can land-poor Singapore expand? The futurists offer a radical solution: a massive vertical city. What will it be like living high up in the sky?

Part 2: Keeping Afloat
By 2065, the waters surrounding the island where Singapore lays may be dramatically impacted. Under such circumstances, living on the sea in floating communities would be commonplace while growing massive crops of food and generating power would become crucial to the citys survival.

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