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Forbidden Movies from the Brothels of Paris (2004)

Forbidden Movies from the Brothels of Paris DVD

Pornographic films first appeared in late 19th-century France, a mere two years after the invention of cinematography in 1894.

Known as stag films, the 16mm movies ran for 10-12 minutes and were shown in brothel waiting rooms to prepare customers for their impending sexual encounters.

By the 1920’s, stag films were a staple in both European and American brothels but remained especially prolific in the red light district of Paris, where they screened in famous venues such as the Chabanais, the Panieri Fleuri, the Sphinx, and the Temple de Venus.

“Forbidden Films from the Brothels Of Paris” offers a titillating collection of nine French films from the golden age of stag, the 1920’s:
– The Big Fight
– Trio
– The Dildo
– The Ladie’s Driver
– Loneliness
– At your service, Sir
– The Missie takes a bath
– Miss Dynamite
– Next!

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