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Fishing for Giants: Season 1 (2017) 2of3 The Dogtooth

Fishing for Giants Series 1 2of3 The Dogtooth
Fishing for Giants: Series 1
South African extreme angler Andy Coetzee has traveled the oceans to reel in the world’s largest, most elusive fish. And as we’re about to find out, he’s willing to do anything, even risk his own life, to catch them. Watch him brave one of the most treacherous rivers on the planet, enter uncharted regions of the Indian Ocean, and dive into the predator-laden waters of Western Africa on his quest to find the Nile perch, the dogtooth tuna, and the giant barracuda–three leviathans that won’t be caught without a fight.

Part 1: The Nile Swallower
Angling legend Andy Coetzee heads to Central Africa in search of a leviathan–a fish that legends say can swallow a man and grow to be as heavy as a sumo wrestler. Catching a Nile perch is a fisherman’s dream, but finding one could become a nightmare for Andy. Join him as he ventures deep into Uganda and the wilderness European explorers called “Darkest Africa.” It’s an epic battle against angry waters, hippos, crocodiles, and a fish that has no intentions of being caught.

Part 2: The Dogtooth
Fishermen talk of a giant beast that hunts the tropical abyss of the Seychelles archipelago. Wily, strong, and tough as nails, the dogtooth tuna is said to be as ferocious as any shark. Naturalist and extreme angler Andy Coetzee is on a quest to find out if the legends about this sea creature are true. But to find out, he’ll need to push himself to the limit, free dive deep into a seemingly bottomless abyss, and brave a storm at the start of monsoon season.

Part 3: Giant Barracuda
Legends speak of a wolf of the sea infamous for maiming, and even killing, fishermen and divers. Extreme angler Andy Coetzee is determined to hook the ferocious giant barracuda and get an up-close look at the apex predator. Follow him into “Africa’s Eden” as he braves the murky depths of the 100-pound monster’s domain.

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