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Expedition Antarctica: Season 1 (2016) 2of2 Antarctica’s Secrets

Expedition Antarctica Series 1 2of2 Antarcticas Secrets
Expedition Antarctica: Series 1
Experience the hardships of one of the deepest dive ever made in the South Arctic.

Part 1: Living on the Edge
An expedition which will help viewers decipher Antarctica’s key role in climate regulation and see the challenges the iconic Emperor penguin faces in the light of climate change. Discover the secrets of these polar environments on the ice and underwater and get close and personal with the emperor.

Part 2: Antarcticas Secrets
Following extreme diver and biologists Laurent Ballesta and acclaimed photographer Vincent Munier, exploring for the first time sub-glacial lakes deep under the ice pack and decoding the secret weapons of wildlife and micro-organic life thriving under such extreme conditions.

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