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Eva Braun: Her Home Movies (2004) 2of3

Eva Braun Her Home Movies Complete and Uncut 2of3 DVD

These films were shot by Adolph Hitler’s mistress and later, wife Eva Braun and are presented here in their entirety for the very first time ever.

Captured by the Allies at the close of World War II, the home movies of Eva Braun clocked in at just under five and 1/2 hours.This intimate footage shows the private life of Hitler, Eva Braun and the Fuhrers inner circle. Although many clips of these films are well known and have appeared in documentaries, only a small fraction of the footage has ever been broadcast on television and has never before been released to the general public.

One of the most disturbing aspects of these films is that Hitler is shown in a light never seen in the media. I.e.: playing with dogs, small children and relaxing at his mountain retreat, The Berghof, with friends, oftentimes laughing and joking. The footage includes scenes with many top leaders of the Third Reich including Heinrich Himmler, Reinhardt Heydrich, Albert Speer, Joseph Goebbels and the ever present Martin Bormann. Both eerie and compelling this three volume set is a must have for any collector, military historian or any student of history.

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